Welcome to the website of JM Equine Management at Rancho Jonata in Buellton, California. This facility and reproductive program, led by Jan Martin offers the finest services for all of your equine reproductive needs, specializing in:

• General Breeding & Reproductive Care

• Frozen Semen Shipping, Receiving, and Storage 

• Embryo Transfer Program 

We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the reproductive needs of your mares and stallions.

We look forward to helping you accomplish your breeding goals.

Good Luck during the 2024 season!


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Fees & Contracts

Please download our general breeding agreements and contracts below.

• Fee Schedule

• Shipped in Embryo & Transfer Contract

• ICSI, Biopsied or Frozen Embryo & Transfer Contract

• Chute Fee & Boarding Contract

• Embryo Flush & Transfer Contract

• Frozen Transported Semen Contract

• Credit Card Authorization Form


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